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The goal of the project was to streamline a workflow to generate and print the test results in a paper-based report. By automating the entire workflow, teachers can get a detail report of their student performance and take immediate action to improve the student outcome.


Project Phases


Info Architecture

There were two reports available to teachers. Each report contained different data  specific to the target audience. The content of the reports was organized, structured and labeled to help viewers find the information easily and accomplish their goals.


Visual Design

Different elements of data visualization were assessed to improve the clarity and consistency of the information. Charts made it easier for the viewer to grasp the message. Color allowed viewers to focus on the underlying data. And, tables improved the readability of the data and reduce any distractions.


Report Generation

Each report was rendered using HTML and CSS. The report engine converted the HTML page to a PDF file that a  multifunction printer can open and print.




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